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Installing Light Switches?

Do It Yourself!

With RunLess wireless switches, you can place a light switch anywhere your heart, or hands, desire. From standard locations just inside doorways and halls, to your bedside, desktop, on columns, on patios, and even on exposed brick – you can literally place a light switch anywhere.
Totally powered by the press of the button. No wires. No batteries. No fuss.

Install new switches

Move existing switches

Add switches to pull-chain lights and antique fixtures

Add switches to app-powered smart systems

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Standard Style

Traditional Decora design works seamlessly with any home design. Choose white or cream, single or dual.

No Wires No Batteries

Completely wireless. Powered by kinetic energy generated from simply pressing the switch.

Easy to Install

Simply place the controller behind your fixture and mount the switch with screws or adhesive tape.

Everything You Need

Standard switch kits include a self-powered, battery-free wireless switch and one 3-wire rf receiver. Place the switch where you’d like it. Connect the receiver. You’re all set!

Why Wireless

Contractors and electricians are expensive.

Installing a switch the old-fashioned way requires running physical wires from a fixture to the switch, which typically involves cutting walls and complex know-how. Wireless controls skip the whole “running wire” part. RunLess switches send wireless signals straight to a controlling receiver with messages to dim the lights or to turn them on or off.

Flawless Design

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From Design to Development, everything is done with simple mouse clicks.

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