PIR Motion Sensor Installation & Details

The RunLessWire PIR Motion Sensor has several user selectable options:


When the product is powered-up for the first time (of after removing the battery), the sensor enters into « Walk Test Mode ». During 3 minutes, the LED will flash every time a motion is detected. Use this feature to find the perfect location, and its efficiency, for your sensor.

The RunLessWire PIR Motion Sensor embeds an ambient light sensor, allowing to only detect movement under a luminosity level: If the ambient light is below the limit defined by the potentiometer, an ON or OFF frame will be sent when motion is detected. The feature can be deactivated by placing the potentiometer on position OFF. Default position: OFF

When linked to a compatible receiver, the ILLUMRA® PIR Motion Sensor is capable of switching the receiver ON when Motion is detected and OFF after a timeout with no motion detected. Please note that the auto-off timer is reset every time motion is detected.To adjust the Auto-Off Time, long press on the « Pairing » button for 3 seconds until the LED indicator illuminates the lens to indicate the sensor is in the « Setting Mode ».While in the « Setting Mode », press the button to cycle to the desired Auto-Off Time. With each press, the LED will blink a certain number of blinks to confirm the current setting (See table below for details)
« Setting » Mode will automatically exit and the setting saved, after no action on the button for 5sec. By default, the Auto-Off time is set on 30sec.
Best Practice: In a hallway, or location place where people spend less time, set up the Auto-Off time to a small value, to automatically switch OFF the light as fast as possible (and save energy). In a meeting room or location where people will be present with less motion, set up the Auto-Off time to a longer value, to avoid the light switching OFF while the room is still occupied. After the Auto-Off timer elapses with no motion detected, the light will automatically turn OFF.

The LED will flash twice every 10sec when the battery need to be replaced.

The Heartbeat is an automatically triggered frame, and is sent every 30min. It contains information from the sensor, such as current Lux level, battery level and current sensor state (Movement / No Movement). By default the Heartbeat is activated.
To deactivate (or activate) the Heartbeat, press 3 times on the « Pairing » button.
If the LED glows 1 time, the Heartbeat will be set OFF.
If the LED glows 2 times, the Heartbeat will be set ON.
If you want to change this parameter, press again 3 times on the « Pairing » button.
Power supply: battery CR123A 3V
Lifetime: 5 years
Radio frequency: 902 MHz
RF power Max: +3dBm
Wireless range: Up to 30 meters
Detection range: Up to 5 meters
Lux sensing: 0 to 1000Lux
Operational temperature: -10°C / 45°C
EEP (Profil EnOcean®): A5-07-03
Dimensions: 65 mm (l) x 65 mm (L) x 39 mm (h)
Weight: 54 g
Warranty: 2 years
Range: 50-150 ft (typical)
Frequency: 902 MHz
Power Supply Input Rating: 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Relay Output: 1 Form A Relay 10 A
Max Loads / Contact Ratings: Resistive Load 10A, Tungsten 1000W, Fluorescent 600W, LED Lamp 200 W
Memory: Link up to 5 switches
Operational temperature: -40°-104°F / -40°-60°C
Dimensions: 1.1(L), 1.6(W), 3.3(H) inches
Radio Certification: FCC (United States, IC (Canada)