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How To Link A Wireless Light Switch and Controller

All kits come pre-linked - only use this to add more switches or receivers!

1. Confirm the controller has power and the status LED is showing and responding to the controller's state:

  • Output OFF = red
  • Output ON = green
2. On the controller, find the linking button - labelled as:
  • 5A controller = Link
  • 20A controller = Menu
  • Dimming controller = Learn
It may be hidden under a sticker, but we promise it's there!
3. Press and hold the button for about 5 seconds. The light fixture will start toggling between on and off at regular intervals, and you may hear the controller clicking on and off.
4. Click the top of the switch 3 times. The status LED will either pause:
  • Green for 3 seconds indicating that the switch ID has been added to the controller’s memory
  • Or red, indicating that the switch has been removed from memory

5. End the linking sequence by either:

  • Waiting 30 seconds
  • Or completing a power cycle
Once the blinking and clicking stop, the controller has exited linking mode and you can now use your switch normally.

6. You can repeat this process as many times as you need with whichever switches and controllers you need. All our switch kits products are compatible with each other can can be linked and unlinked in whatever configuration you'd like.


If the controller does not respond to the wireless switch:
  1. Confirm the controller is wired correctly and functional:
    • The status light on the controller should be illuminated. Green means the output should be ON, Red means the output should be OFF. No status light indicates that power is not on, wiring is incorrect, or Controller has been damaged.
    • Press the “Select” or “Test” button to toggle the controller output. Subsequent presses will cycle between ON and OFF. If the status light changes color and the light doesn’t respond there may be a wiring problem. If the relay doesn’t click, the relay may be damaged from an overload condition.
  1. Confirm the switch is functional:
    • Click the switch and confirm that the controller status light flickers. Each time the switch transmits, whether it is linked or not, the status light should flicker briefly. If it does not flicker, either the switch isn’t transmitting or the controller isn’t receiving.
    •  Link the switch to the controller. Hold the “Menu” button for about 5 seconds until the controller clicks, then release. While the controller is clicking, press one button on the switch 3 times. The controller status light will pause GREEN when the switch is added to the controller memory. The status light will pause RED when the switch is removed from the memory. If this happened, click the switch 3 more times to add it to the memory. If clicking the switch doesn’t not link, the switch may be damaged. If a second switch is available and works, then the first switch can be confirmed defective. If not, contact RunLessWire for support and warranty service if applicable.

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If these troubleshooting steps don't resolve your issue, please contact our support team.
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