Installing Light Switches?
Go Wireless!

Wireless Switch Options

Friends of Hue

  • Compatible with Philips Hue bulb
  • No wires or batteries
  • Scene recall
  • Requires 2nd Gen Philips Hue Smart Bridge
  • Press and Hold to dim

Product info

Run Less Wire

  • Compatible with most lights
  • No wires or batteries
  • Can control HVAC systems
  • Switches require controllers to function
  • Has dimming capabilities

Switch kit options

Standard Style

Traditional Decora design works seamlessly with any home design. Comes in 6 different colors to match your existing light switches.


No Wires No Batteries

Completely wireless. Powered by kinetic energy generated from simply pressing the switch.  

Easy to Install

Simply place the controller behind your fixture and mount the switch with screws or adhesive tape.

Everything You Need

Standard switch kits include a self-powered, battery-free wireless switch and one 3-wire rf receiver. Place the switch where you’d like it. Connect the receiver. You’re all set!