Wireless Switch Kits

Looking to add or move a switch?

Now you can use a wireless, BATTERY-FREE light switch to remotely control your lights from anywhere you want!

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With each press of the switch, an RF signal is sent to the receiver, eliminating the need for batteries, wires, or wifi...Just like magic!

Wireless Signal

An RF signal is transmitted from the switch to the receiver at up to 150 ft range, meaning you can mount the switch anywhere!

Easy to Install

No need to hire an electrician! Do-it-yourself by simply wiring the receiver to the fixture wires.

No Batteries!

Self-powered by kinetic energy, you'll never have to worry about changing the batteries in this switch!


A micro-generator uses kinetic energy with each press of the switch. That means no battery needed, ever!


No running wires through walls - RF technology sends signal to receiver at 150+ft range. No wifi neccessary!


Self-powered - no batteries that just end up in landfills. No need for extensive wiring materials and labor.


Simply connect the receiver to wires in the fixture or at the switch location, and mount the wireless switch anywhere you want!

Standard Wall Light Switch

  • can't move switch unless you tear up the walls to re-run wires
  • need to pay an electrician to fix or move
  • inconvenient - sometimes placed in strange or awkward places
  • wires are confusing and annoying

Battery-Free Wireless Light Switch

  • can be used as a remote or mounted anywhere you want!
  • save money & lower your carbon footprint
  • no wires, batteries or wifi needed
  • easy set-up, you can do it yourself!

Wireless Light Switch Kits

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