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Installing 5A Receiver at a Switch Location

Installing 5A Receiver Behind a Fixture Location

Linking Instructions

All kits come pre-linked. Only do this to add or remove switches or controllers!

Linking Steps

1. Confirm the controller has power and the status LED shows and responds to the controller's output: green = on and red = off.

2. On the controller, find the linking button:

  • 5A controller = Link
  • 20A controller = Menu
  • Dimming controller = Learn

3. Press and hold the linking button for about 5 seconds. The controller and light fixture will start toggling between on and off at regular intervals.

4. Click the top of the switch 3 times. The status LED will either pause: green = switch added or red = switch removed

5. End the linking sequence by either waiting 30 seconds or completing a power cycle. Once the blinking stops, the controller has exited linking mode and you can now use your switch normally.

Troubleshooting Suggestions

Check the controller

Status light

  • The status light on the controller should be illuminated. 

  • Green means the output should be ON, red means the output should be OFF. 

  • No status light indicates that power is not on, wiring is incorrect, or the controller has been damaged.

Test button

  • Press the “Select” or “Test” button to toggle the controller output. Subsequent presses will cycle between ON and OFF.

  • If the status light changes color and the light doesn’t respond there may be a wiring problem.
  • If the relay doesn’t click, the relay may be damaged from an overload condition.

Check the switch

Controller status light

  • Click the switch and confirm that the controller status light flickers. 
  • Each time the switch transmits, whether it is linked or not, the status light should flicker briefly. 
  • If it does not flicker, either the switch isn’t transmitting or the controller isn’t receiving.

If these troubleshooting steps don't resolve your issue, please contact our support team.


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