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A Brighter 2023 + 15% off. Ends December 31st at Midnight

Tis the season. Little did we know that as adults the holidays would be so much work and stress.

Which family to visit, going out of your way to find the best deals, whom to invite, making things fair for little ones, negotiating relationships, serving others, deciding where to spend our limited time, etc.

All, while trying to keep a bright spirit of comfort and joy 😉

Nevertheless, here we are…giving our best selves, receiving gracefully…and through it all we also muster enough strength of self resolve to hope for a better new year and plans for a brighter future.

Say goodbye to 2022 by learning gracefully from experiences earned. Welcome 2023 with resolve, worthy goals, and a brighter hope for self and others.

Let us help you with just one of those goals, that will help you fix that pesky lighting problem in your home or office, with an end-of-year final sale of 15% off of our quality wireless light switches. Copy this coupon code: BRIGHT2023

Offer expires at midnight New Year’s Eve.

THIS OFFER ALSO INCLUDES FREE PROGRAMMING OF CUSTOM KITS: If you don’t find the combination of switches and receivers you need to fix your lighting problem just order the switches and receivers separately and then email us at or call us at 866-600-2111 immediately after submitting your order describing what you want and we will program the custom kit for you before it is shipped.

Wishing You Happy Holidays & A Bright New Year!

Mike Alvarez

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