Control A Separate Light

How to add a 2nd light fixture synced to an existing fixture with minimal wiring

Problem: How to add a second light fixture that will be ON only when an existing fixture is ON. One scenario may be a stairway that already has 1 fixture and a 3-way switch setup. Power can be connected at the new fixture location and making a connection to the 3-way switch circuit is a pain. Is there a solution?

Solution: Yes, RunLessWire offers 2 possible solutions for this situation:

  • Option A: Replace the 2 hardwired switches with wireless switches and add 2 receivers to the separate circuits
  • Option B: Connect a line voltage detector to the existing fixture which can be linked to control power to the new fixture via a wireless connection. When the existing fixture has power, it will send a signal to switch power on to the new fixture via the receiver.

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