DIY Made Easy: Upgrading Office Lighting with the RunLessWire Basic Kit

DIY Made Easy: Upgrading Office Lighting with the RunLessWire Basic Kit

When DIY enthusiasts Sarah and James started renovating their new office, they soon realized that their biggest issue would be electrical. They needed a blend of functionality, style, and versatility to light up the space. They stumbled upon the perfect solution to elevate their lighting game without the hassle of extensive rewiring: the RunLessWire Basic Kit.

The Challenge:
The office needed a light over the desk, and Sarah had picked out the perfect fixture. The problem was that James would have to wire the light through the walls, and could only access that space through the attic or ripping into drywall. This would be costly and extensive, so he searched for a better answer. 

The Solution:
Enter our Basic Wireless Light Switch Kit. Perfect for DIY-ers, this kit lets you install a remote control wall switch without any complicated electrical work. Powered by kinetic energy (the power of motion), it's an eco-friendly solution that simplifies your lighting needs without batteries, wires, or internet access. Best part is the switch can be mounted anywhere and you never have to change out batteries.

The kit comes with clear instructions, making it easy for Sarah and James to integrate the system into their desired setup. The 5 amp receiver was easily wired to the light fixture, then hidden behind it in the wall. In less than 30 minutes, everything was connected and working seamlessly.

The Transformation:
The difference was night and day. With the RunLessWire Basic Kit, Sarah and James could now control the lighting in their office with the mere click of a button. The wireless switch could be placed anywhere, providing convenience and a modern touch to their space.

Not only did the RunLessWire Basic Kit meet Sarah and James' needs, but it also exceeded their expectations in terms of ease and functionality. Their newly renovated office now boasted a lighting system that was both smart and stylish.

Here are some images from their project. For a more on their journey, visit Sarah's blog:


wireless switch with modern light fixture


wireless receiver installed to light circuit


James holding wireless light switch

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