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Removing a Traditional Wired Switch

To remove a traditional wired switch:

  • Disconnect the old switch
    • Turn off power to that location
    • Remove faceplate and unscrew the switch from the switch box
    • Gently pull switch out from wall to access screws
    • Detach wires from the switch
  • Bypass the switch location
    • Identify the ground wire - typically green or bare copper - and tuck it back into the box
    • Connect all other wires that were connected to the switch securely with a wire nut and tuck back into box
  • Tidy up
    • Close up box by installing either a coverplate or a Click for Philips Hue light switch at the location
    • Turn the power back on


1. Our switches can't directly control Hue products - they need to connect to a Hue Bridge which then communicates with its ecosystem.

2. Our switches' range can be up to 30-50 feet away from the Hue Bridge.

3. The Hue Bridge and our switches need to be on the same channel to communicate. Occasionally with brown or black outs this can be disrupted and you may need to reset your products to the same channel.

4. When connecting the switch to the Hue Bridge, make sure the dual rocker switches are installed, not the single rocker

Additional Troubleshooting
For more in-depth troubleshooting please contact Philips Hue Support:


Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-8:00 PM EST