About Click For Philips Hue

Frequently Asked Questions – Complete Video

  • What makes Click For Philips Hue different from other traditional switches?
  • Is it connected to WiFi?
  • Does it need batteries?
  • Do I need to charge it?
  • How do I use the four buttons?
  • Where can I place the switch and how do I use the Command adhesive strips?
  • How long should the switch last?
  • Can the signal go through walls?
  • Is there a single rocker option?
  • What mobile apps is it compatible with?
  • What lightbulbs is it compatible with?
  • How many Philips Hue light bulbs can connect to the Hue bridge?
  • Which Philips Hue Bridge is it compatible with?

How To Install The Click For Philips Hue Light Switch & Set Up The Hue App