FAN & LIGHT SWITCH KIT: This kit is for controlling 2 sources with 1 dual rocker switch. The most common use is a fan and light combo. Both receivers (controllers) are pre-connected to the dual switch which allows you to control both light and fan from 1 switch. No more confusion with the pull-chains!
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Color: White

Additional Information

Each kit comes with everything you need. The receivers and switches are pre-connected for each kit. Also includes mounting screws, wire nuts, and command strips.


Indoors Only: Switches and receiver are not weatherproof and should be used indoors; a receiver or switch installed on an outdoor light will need protection from the elements.

Pre-linked: Switches and receiver are shipped to you already linked together for a quicker installation. 

Range: The range of switch is 50-150 feet from the receiver, depending on walls and barriers. Test desired distances before completing installation.

Interference: Multiple units may be used in the same home without interference. Unique radio frequency won’t interfere with other devices.

Power Supply: Receiver requires AC input. Switches are self-powered and require no power supply.

Easy Install: Our small receiver is simply wired between the power and the fixture, and then stored in the light box behind, or at the fixture location. Mount the switch anywhere with industrial tape or screws.  Also used to replace outdated, undesired current switches.

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Customer Reviews

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P. Martin
Less expensive that paying an electrician

This is a great little device that avoids having to pay an electrician to run a dedicated wire through existing walls. You still do have to do some wiring on the receiving end - whatever you are wanting to control, but the switch itself can be installed in minutes and works great.

Christopher Kusek
Creative problems call for creative solutions!

Where have you been all my life! I used to think to try to do things like this I'd need to call an electrician, but nope! Now I can just kill power to a circuit, screw it in easily enough and boom, now my light switch is anywhere I want to be! Okay, you're going to think I'm crazy, it's okay, I am... But we have a light switch that is a little inconvenient to get to, so we installed this and boom, now we can turn the lights off just by lifting up the little enclosure part of our couch. Absolutely insane application that just is perfect for our needs!

Mark D
No batteries, but a tactile trade off. Much easier install than hardwiring would be.

The perfect application for this system is replacing a ceiling light or single switch fan with a lighted ceiling fan with independent light/fan switch wires. Will also work for most instances where you need 2 switched wires and only have one circuit installed.This system requires being comfortable with electricity to install. Considering the price for this, if you're calling an electrician it might be a similar price to run a switch wire to the fan.The receivers require a neutral wire, so make sure you have on in your install location before ordering. Receivers are a bit bulky and it was difficult to fit both in with my fan wiring shroud, I needed to install a junction box nearby for these. From there I ran a whip to the fan box. This required work in the attic, which is what I was trying to avoid.After the install, this looks a lot better than a remote hanging off the wall, but not as nice as a two gang decora switch. Something about the two half sized switches doesn't sit well with me. Clicking is harder and louder than a standard switch, likely owing to whatever dymo charging system this switch is designed around. Theis system does work well, but they're not for me... I'm probably going to take this system out and run 12/3 wire with a dual gang box for 2 standard decora switches. I'm sure I'll find another use for this system somewhere.If you like the style and are comfortable with the install and price, this system would be a good buy. If you prefer a more classic look and feel, you probably won't like the switch.


Good solution!
This order is the third Run Less Wire kit I ordered, It's a costly work around but better than the alternative. Easy to install & they work great! I used one 5 amp receiver to control one outlet on a receptacle for a pair of lamps.

Rob Roberts

Ok, I have to admit that I was extremely confused because there was no wiring needed for the switch itself. It�s incredible. Now I can move switches anywhere I want. Highly recommended