4-WAY SWITCH KIT: This kit is for controlling 1 light source with 3 single rocker switches. The receiver (controller) is pre-connected to the 3 switches and is perfect for a bigger space where you might want 3 switches at different spots in the room or 2 switches on walls and 1 used as a remote. If adding additional switches, then remove all original wired switches and replace them with wireless switches at each switch location to control the same receiver.
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Additional Information

Each kit comes with everything you need. The receivers and switches are pre-connected for each kit. Also includes mounting screws, wire nuts, and command strips.


Indoors Only: Switches and receiver are not weatherproof and should be used indoors; a receiver or switch installed on an outdoor light will need protection from the elements.

Pre-linked: Switches and receiver are shipped to you already linked together for a quicker installation. 

Range: The range of switch is 50-150 feet from the receiver, depending on walls and barriers. Test desired distances before completing installation.

Interference: Multiple units may be used in the same home without interference. Unique radio frequency won’t interfere with other devices.

Power Supply: Receiver requires AC input. Switches are self-powered and require no power supply.

Easy Install: Our small receiver is simply wired between the power and the fixture, and then stored in the light box behind, or at the fixture location. Mount the switch anywhere with industrial tape or screws.  Also used to replace outdated, undesired current switches.

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Customer Reviews

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Richard Park
4-Way Switch product is great.

It was almost too easy to install the 4-way switch kit versus the old-school hard wiring the switches etc. One issue I encountered was with the wireless switch cover plates. I chose to install old-work electrical boxes in my walls for the three wireless switches so that the switch face plates would match all my other wall switches and be flush with the wall. I purchased cheapy old-work electrical boxes from Home Depot and installed the wireless switches in the boxes. When I attempted to install the wireless switch plates, the prongs on the backside of the plates were hitting the frame of the cheapy old-work box so they could not be attached. To remedy this issue, I cut away part of the old-work box so the face plates could then be installed.

Michael Newberry
Best Wireless Replacement Switch

I’ve installed a few wireless switches and these are the best. They are also the most expensive. One point to note you need a hot, neutral and ground at the switch. They have a relay that does the switching. That means you can switch any type of bulb, so long as you don't exceed the switch rating. Cheaper switches are finicky and can cause interference with communications equipment and wireless devices.